South Africa roundtrip

9 t/m 24 november

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15-day roundtrip to sacred sites and places of power, vitality and healing in South Africa

Infinite landscapes, ancient prehistory, beautiful coasts

This is a real dream journey through many mysterious power spots, archaeological sites, megalithic structures, and ultimate South African attractions, including the Tsitsikamma National Park, the Garden Route, the Winelands, Table Mountain, the Cape Peninsula, the Cederberg Mountains and Cape Town. The South African landscape is impressive in itself. It is primeval and rugged, it gives the feeling of infinity, the antiquity of humanity can be felt here. You can just get the feeling of coming home here, at the cradle of human culture.

The journey starts with a visit to the magnificent Paarl Rock, a particularly powerful sacred site. The ultimate place to land and recharge energetically on day one of our journey. We will come back here later…

Our next destination is the Waenhuiskrans Cave, a limestone cave directly on the Indian Ocean, only accessible at low tide. From here we travel on to the beautiful Garden Route and visit the Mother Cave in Wilderness, the Knysna Heads and Knysna Cave.

We visit the breathtaking Tsitsikamma National Park, one of the largest and oldest Marine Protected Areas in the world, with dramatic coastal landscapes, cliffs, caves, reefs, rivers and lush vegetation. This unique coastal park is still in virtually undamaged condition.


At low tide we walk across the beach to Cathedral Rock (on Google Maps you will find it as Arch Rock) and tune into the energy of this powerful portal. We take time to connect with the ancient essence of this place.

Robberg Nature Reserve is a beautiful headland in the Indian Ocean, which was used by ancient civilizations to perform rituals. Archaeological finds from the Neolithic period have been made in Nelson Bay Cave. We hike and meditate and enjoy the spectacular view and the company of hundreds of sea lions and, if lucky, dolphins and whales.

In Mossel Bay we visit Cape St Blaize Cave and Pinnacle Point of Human Origin. These are archaeological sites, found during environmental research for a golf course. These places are famous for the discovery of some 75,000 year old jewelry and bone tools.

We leave the coast and travel to the historic valleys between Paarl, Franschhoek and Stellenbosch – the famous South African winelands. Here we visit Paarl Rock again, now with shaman and sacred sites researcher Dean Liprini (click here for his website). We drink shamanic tea from locally picked herbs and meditate. Later in the day we go to one or more wine estates for lunch, dinner and/or a wine tasting.


The Cederberg Mountains are a two and a half hour drive from the winelands where we explore the Bushmans Kloof. A quiet and beautiful canyon with magnicficent rock paintings of the San people. Presumably the shamans traveled in trance to different dimensions of consciousness to communicate with the ancestors, other beings and the earth. We will see, experience and feel it during our hike along the Seville Rock Art Trail.

The next stop is Cape Town where we again meet shaman and sacred sites researcher Dean Liprini. Dean guides us in three days to unique power-spots on and around Table Mountain and the Cape Peninsula. Around the Cape Peninsula, the warm Indian and cold Atlantic oceans come together and this is palpable in the vitality and energy of the landscape.

We take the cable car to the top of Table Mountain to experience the energy of this striking mountain. In Sun Valley we immerse ourselves in the energies of the Pyramid All Seeing Eye Rock and the Ascension Cave, two energetically extremely powerful places on the Cape Peninsula. We enjoy shamanic tea prepared by Dean that helps us to attune, let go and gain our strength. Other places in this area The Great Mother Stone, the Fertility Caves, Great Burial Cave and not forgetting the penguin colony on Boulders Beach.


We end the trip on Dias Beach, the southernmost beach in Africa, a very powerful place between the masculine and feminine of Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope. Here we complete the journey energetically and ensure that you can take all the treasures you have found during this trip into your daily life.


After dinner we leave for the airport for the night flight to Amsterdam.

During the journey
We stop extensively at all sites. We then do guided meditations to experience the essence of the areas and places as intensely as possible. You always have enough space to walk around, look and feel the places yourself. This journey contains a wealth of information and food for reflection. Traveling to these kinds of primeval places brings you very close to yourself. Big or small changes that you may have wanted for some time suddenly come a lot easier. By focusing ‘inwards’ every day, we ensure that you really get the pearls out of the journey.

About us

Paul Martijn
Paul is a media entrepreneur and passionate lover of (South) Africa. As co-founder of Justdiggit, he was committed to large-scale greening on the continent. After training in energy reading and healing, Paul visited many power places in South Africa, where he has lived (partly) for 20 years. Full of enthusiasm, he decided to organize the ultimate energy trip to South Africa.

Tjeerd Gorter
Tjeerd is a physical geographer, consciousness trainer and tour guide. Since 2002 he has been organizing trips to special areas and places. He already led a group into the wilderness of South Africa in 2010. Much has been discovered since then (see below with Michael Tellinger) and it is high time to return to this beautiful country. Tjeerd published the book Levend Land in 2019, about power places as a source of transformation. He also works at the Commission for Environmental Impact Assessment. His everyday-task on this journey is to make the energy, wisdom and information available to everyone in lessons and/or meditations.

Dean Liprini
Dean is a shaman and founder of the Sacred Sites Foundation in South Africa. He has more than 28 years of full-time experience in sacred sites research and has written a book entitled “Pathways of the Sun – Unveiling the Mysteries of Table Mountain and Beyond”, published in 2006. Dean is a pioneer in the field of archaeo- astronomy in South Africa and knows the locations we visit inside and out. Click here for his website.


The day-by-day program, November 9 to 24, 2024

Saturday November 9, 2024: flight Amsterdam – Cape Town
Overnight stay in Paarl

Sunday November 10, 2024: Paarl Rock, Sacred Hippo Womb Cave, Waenhuiskrans Cave
Overnight in Arniston

Monday November 11, 2024: Mother Cave Wilderness, Knysna Heads, Knysna Cave
Overnight stay in Plettenberg Bay

Tuesday, November 12, 2024: Tsitsikamma National Park
Overnight stay in Plettenberg Bay

Wednesday, November 13, 2024: Arch Rock / Cathedral Rock. Overnight in Plettenberg Bay

Thursday 14 November 2024: Robberg Nature Reserve, Nelson Bay Cave
overnight stay in Plettenberg Bay

Friday, November 15, 2024: Cape St. Blaize, Pinnacle Point of Human Origin with guide Christopher
Overnight stay in Riviersdal

Saturday November 16, 2024: winelands, wine estates, wine tasting
Overnight stay in Paarl

Sunday November 17, 2024: Paarl Rock, Sacred Hippo Womb Cave, with Dean Liprini
Overnight in Clanwilliam

Monday November 18, 2024: Bushmans Kloof, Seville Rock Art Trail
Overnight in Clanwilliam

Tuesday, November 19, 2024: day off in Cape Town
Overnight stay in Cape Town

Wednesday November 20, 2024: Table Mountain and Lions Head with Dean Liprini
Overnight stay in Cape Town

Thursday, November 21, 2024: Great Mother Stone and Fertlilty Caves with Dean Liprini
Overnight stay in Fishhoek

Friday November 22, 2024: Great Burial Cave, Ascension Cave and Pyramid All Seeing Eye Rock with Dean Liprini
Overnight stay in Fishhoek

Saturday November 23, 2024: Boulders Beach, Cape Point, Cape of Good Hope, completion of the trip at Dias Beach
Overnight stay on a plane (night flight)

Sunday November 24, 2024: arrival at Schiphol at 11:00 am

Finally: Splendid-life is affiliated with the GGTO, the VVKR and the Calamity Fund. This gives you as a traveler a number of important certainties and guarantees surrounding the trip.

Click below on this page for the travel conditions.


Tjeerd Gorter and Paul Martijn. Along the way, Dean Liprini (4 days) takes us to a number of unique places. Due to circumstances, the program may sometimes deviate from what is described here.

Hoe reizen we?

With a direct KLM return flight (from the Netherlands; if you arrive from somewhere else, this does not apply of course) and on site with a mini bus. The flight can be booked once there are sufficient registrations. At that time we decide whether there are enough people for a group booking for the same flight or whether you book individually.

Voor wie?

Anyone who wants to make this beautiful journey outside and inside and discover South Africa in a unique way.

Aantal deelnemers

8 - 14


€ 2.750, excluding return flight, including 14 hotel nights based on a shared room, transfers, transport, all guidance, ceremonies, guides and entrance fees. Disaster Fund contribution: €2.50. Single room supplement: €500. Meals (lunch and dinner) are not included. Allow approximately €20 per day for this. You can also book another flight, for example if you want to arrive earlier or travel back later.

Extra informatie

Language: People from multiple countries may come along. The meditations (Tjeerd) are then done in both Dutch and English. Dean does everything in English, of course.


Register: [email protected]. Allocation in order of registration. Send an email to [email protected]. Down payment: 50% upon booking (and after confirmation that the trip will take place), 30% two months before departure and 20% one month before departure. Click here for the travel conditions.